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Cap & Gown



Cap & Gown is ordered through the Commencement Checklist.

Cap and Gown is required for participation in Baccalaureate Mass and the Commencement Ceremonies. Bachelor gown purchase will be done through the Commencement Checklist. Major credit/debit cards are accepted.

Undergraduate and Masters (Purchase only)

Bachelor Unit – (gown, cap, and tassel) - $30.00


Cords & Stoles

  • Be a part of the University of Portland tradition by wearing the Stole of Gratitude and presenting it to those who have made a significant difference in your life.
  • The University does not issue honor cords. Latin Honors are displayed in the Commencement program. The only honor cords that a graduate may receive are from an Honors Society or other program on campus. The Commencement team does not have information about these cords.