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Internal Event Planning

How to Plan an Event on Campus

Decide what type of event you are hosting. Knowing the details will help with the rest of the process!

  1. What is the purpose of this event?
  2. Where and when?
  3. Who is invited?
  4. What will happen at the event?

Request the space in EMS. This is for faculty and staff only.  Students, if you are planning a student focused event, please visit this site. 

  1. Log in.
  2. First time using EMS? Or need a refresher? Here are our training videos.
  3. Select the date and time of your event to see what spaces are available.
  4. Alternatively, if you have a space in mind, select that first and see when it is available.
  5. Input your set up type.
  6. Make sure to include Equipment and AV services within your booking request.
  7. Submit your request! You should receive a reservation confirmation email within a week of submitting your request.

Order catering.

    1. Place your catering order here.
    2. Bon Appetit is UP’s exclusive catering partner. If you would like to bring in outside food, it needs to be approved by them. Please fill out this form to get approval. (make sure you are logged in to your account to view)
    3. Some things to consider:
      • Bon Appetit is used to working with dietary restrictions, just be sure to clarify in your order what restrictions you need and for how many.  
      • They are happy to create a special menu for your event, contact them to create custom items just for you.  
      • Please be prepared to share your budget so they can work around it.  
Questions? Reach out to the Director of Catering: Sam Orive (503)943-8153 or 


Additional details. These are what elevate your event experience for attendees!

  1. Do you need signage?
  2. Maybe a program?
  3. How about music? If so, what music would you like to play?

Review event details. Double checking things helps ensure a smooth event.

  1. Read your EMS confirmation email. Is the set-up type and equipment listed what you want at your event?
  2. How about the AV services request?
  3. Similarly, check that your catering order looks correct.
  4. Arrive a bit early to your event. If something doesn’t look right or you need assistance, please call the Events team: 503.943.7523.