Internal Planner FAQs | University of Portland

Internal Planner FAQs

How do I reserve a room on campus?
  • Use our Event Management System (EMS) to book spaces on campus. Here is our training guide.


Why can’t I book further in advance?

  • Our current booking window, for requests with services, is 90 days. This range is set to help our team stay on top of booking requests.


Which spaces need approval?

  • When you request to book these spaces in EMS, an email automatically gets sent to the appropriate department requesting permission. If they grant permission, then the Events office will approve the reservation and you will receive a confirmation email.
    • Athletic facilities: including: Franz turf field, Franz grass field, Merlo field, Chiles Center, Beauchamp courts, Pru Turf field, Etzel Stadium, and Shipstad field.
    • Performing & Fine Art spaces.
    • Chapels need approval from Campus Ministry.
    • Dorm spaces need approval from their Hall Director.
    • Assorted conference rooms are managed by individual departments.
    • Bauccio Commons Board room requires approval from the President’s Office. This space is the only one that required an extra step on your part.  If you would like to use the Board room, please email the President’s office directly.
    • If you have questions, please email

 What AV equipment is in a standard classroom?

  • Our classrooms are equipped with:
    • AV Controls (touch screen)
    • Computer
    • Projector & screen
    • HDMI & VGA connections
    • Audio Recording Capabilities
    • Blue-ray player (plays DVD/CD/Blue-ray discs)
    • HD Document camera
    • Wireless microphone (wearable)