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Entrepreneurship at the University of Portland combines experiential learning opportunities with a values-based education that emphasizes integrity, opportunity recognition, risk-taking, and hard work. The Franz Center facilitates connections among students, alumni, faculty, and industry practitioners that enable powerful collaboration and real-world results.

Entrepreneurship Programs

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Entrepreneur Scholars Program

Entrepreneur Scholars is a competitively selected group of University of Portland undergraduate students from all majors and disciplines across the campus who create new business ventures, social enterprises, as well as innovative products and delivery models for organizations.

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Pilot Venture Challenge

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Pilot Venture Challenge

The Pilots Venture Challenge is a premier business, social enterprise and invention competition hosted by the Franz Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation at the University of Portland. Underwritten by generous donors to the University, the competition promotes experiential education about entrepreneurship and new business development by focusing on student created, launched, and managed ventures. The spirit of this competition is that current UP undergraduate and graduate students both originate and lead the startup idea.

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