Dexheimer Leadership Fellows

Faculty and staff in the Dexheimer Leadership Fellow program help and encourage University of Portland students to develop their leaderships skills for tomorrow's world. 

Within the program, coaches help students through their developmental journey as part of the Leader Certificate Program and Faith-Based Leader Program.

Teachers instruct courses that make up the Leader Certificate Program and Faith-Based Leader Program. 

Interested in becoming a Leadership Fellow?

The Franz Center is providing free leadership training and development during the 2020-2021 academic year for faculty and staff who want to learn more about their leadership gifts/habits and about becoming a Leadership Fellow.

There have been over 150 faculty and staff from across the university who have been trained as Leadership Fellows thus far, and the Franz Center is seeking to include 30 additional faculty and staff who will begin their training next fall. In addition to engaging in what some who have gone through the training describe as a “transformative experience” in which faculty/staff develop a deeper awareness of their leadership strengths and practice leveraging those strengths in service of the common good. After completing the leadership training, Leadership Fellows can serve as leadership instructors and coaches in the Leader Certificate program. (Instructors in the Leadership Certificate program earn a stipend of up to $2,500/semester for their teaching or coaching.) 

All full-time faculty are eligible to participate. Because of certain restrictions, we are able to include only exempt (salaried) staff in the program. Please contact Director of Leadership for the Franz Center, Dave Houglum, at if you would like to participate, want to nominate a colleague, or need more information, by Friday, May 8.


To learn more about becoming a Dexheimer Leadership Fellow, please contact David Houglum, director for leadership, at or 503.943.8914.