Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is a standardized set of budgets used as a basis for determining maximum aid eligibility. Standard COA includes tuition, fees, room, board, books, transportation, personal expenses, and loan fees. Cost of Attendance can vary based on program of study, living arrangements while in school, and a wide variety of other factors. Cost of Attendance can also be increased to include expenses such as child care, travel for study abroad, health insurance, and professional fees.

Below is some basic information about Cost of Attendance at the University of Portland. These figures are based on averages and assumptions about the general student population. An individual student's budget can vary significantly. The total cost for a first-time, undergraduate student to attend the University of Portland and live on campus for the 2017-18 academic year is $59,684. You can view your individualized Cost of Attendance in Self Serve Banner.

2017-18 Tuition

Area of Study Fee
Full-time Undergraduate Fall/Spring Semesters (12 or more credit hours) $21,843/Semester
Part-time Undergraduate Fall/Spring Semesters (1 to 11 credit hours) $1,368/Credit
Undergraduate Summer Semester (1 or more credit hours) $883/Credit
Graduate School - Business (MBA, MS Finance) $1,271/Credit
Graduate School - Business (MBA - Nonprofit) $636/ Credit
Graduate School - Communications, Engineering, Nursing (DNP) $1,221/Credit
Graduate School - Education (MAT) $916/Credit
Graduate School - Education (EdD, Educational Specialist) $761/Credit
Graduate School - Nursing (CNL, Nurse ED) $746/Credit
Graduate School - Education (MEd, MA, Post-Masters Specialty/Certificate),
Pastoral Ministry (MAPM), Fine Arts (MFA)

2017-18 Fees

Assessment Fee
Professional Tuition (Business, Engineering, Nursing, Education*) $50/Credit

Student Activities Fee (Full-time undergraduate students, Fall/Spring)


Health and Counseling Fee (Full-time undergraduate students, Fall/Spring)

Health Insurance
- Undergraduate full-time students (can be waived)
- Graduate students

Private Music Lessons $300/Credit
Laboratory/Workshop Fees Varies

*Graduate Education programs are exempt from professional fees unless noted in the course description.

2017-18 Room

Room Type Fee
Double Room/Double Occupancy $4,533/Semester
Double Room/Single Occupancy $5,810/Semester
Triple Room/Triple Occupancy $4,533/Semester
Single Room/Single Occupancy $5,219/Semester
Private Bath Amenities Charge $60/Semester
Haggerty/Tyson Amenities Charge $190/Semester
Off-Campus* (Estimated, Varies) $3,227/Semester

*Students living with parents may have $934 included in their cost of attendance to cover room and/or meal costs.

2017-18 Meal Plans

Type Fee
Meal Plan 1 - 1,638 Dining Points/Semester $1,638/Semester
Meal Plan 2 - 1,837 Dining Points/Semester $1,796/Semester
Meal Plan 3 - 2,010 Dining Points/Semester $1,929/Semester
Meal Plan 4 - 3,015 Dining Points/Semester $2,879/Semester
Off Campus* (Estimated/Varies) $942/Semester

*Students living with parents may have $934 included in their cost of attendance to cover room and/or meal costs.

2017-18 Other Expenses

Other expenses are estimated and vary from student to student.

Expense Fee
Books $465/Semester
Loan Fees $175/Semester
Personal Expenses $471/Semester
Transportation $340-411/Semester

Cost of Attendance Increase

The Office of Financial Aid uses average expenses for all students attending the University of Portland. If your expenses are higher than the standard Cost of Attendance included on your award letter, complete and return a 2017-18 Cost of Attendance Increase Request Form, available in the PilotsUP Portal. Cost of Attendance can be increased for costs such as health insurance, child care, etc. Cost of Attendance cannot be increased to cover car payments, cell phone bills, or mortgage payments. In general, an increase to Cost of Attendance will result in eligibility for additional loans, not gift aid.


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