Patient Rights | University of Portland

Patient Rights

As a primary care patient at the Student Health Center, you have the right to:

  • Be treated with dignity and respect, and receive care that considers your physical and emotional comfort and safety
  • Equity of treatment regardless of who you are or how you identify, including your age, race, ethnicity, physical ability or attributes, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, etc.
  • Confidentiality*
  • Know the name and professional status of the person(s) providing your care
  • Have a medical chaperone/advocate present during your appointment
  • Pause or stop an appointment or examination at any time, for any reason
  • Receive in-house care regardless of ability to pay
  • Receive accurate information about your health-related concerns, and ask questions and receive answers in a way that meets your needs and helps you understand
  • Participate in choosing a form of treatment, and know the effectiveness, possible side effects and risks of all forms of treatment
  • Be involved in developing and implementing your care plan
  • Select or change your provider
  • Review your medical records with a provider
  • Talk with us about your concerns and suggest ways we can improve without that feedback affecting the quality or delivery of your care
  • Receive assistance with communication through medical interpreter services
  • Informed refusal: the right to refuse care and receive information about the risks and benefits of refusing the care your provider recommends
  • Understand a decision to transfer or refer you to off-campus care

*Student Health Center Confidentiality Statement: The Health Center staff value our ability to provide students with a safe and confidential place to seek help. Therefore, we will not disclose student information to parents, friends, coaching staff, or faculty unless we have signed release from the student. 


Updated December 2021