Diversity Collaborators

Student diversity collaborators help plan programs and events to create a welcoming campus environment and community network for students at UP. Diversity collaborators plan annual events in order to further enrich the appreciation of diversity at University of Portland.

The diversity collaborators have office hours every week.

Jayla Fernandez

Jayla Fernandez| she/her/hers - Class of 2022

"I chose to be a Diversity Collaborator because I want minorities to feel like they have a sense of belonging here on the UP campus. I want them to feel peace in knowing that they are heard and acknowledged just like everyone else. Seeing people enjoy events that I helped take part in is a very rewarding experience. The skills I have learned through being a Diversity Collaborator will help benefit me in my future endeavors"

Adeline Paguirigan

Adeline Paguirigan|she/her/hers - Class of Class of 2022

"There is so much power in spaces that balance affirming intersectional identities and provide opportunities for healing within minoritized communities. I saw becoming a Diversity Collaborator as an opportunity to engage historically excluded communities in experiences that work towards being able to rejoice in the roots of our identities & collective liberation from colonized spaces/mentality."

Peytynn Kubo

Peytynn Kubo | she/her/hers - Class of 2023
Business Administration

"I believe that one’s cultural identity is such an important and vital aspect of their life. I became a Diversity Collaborator in order to help promote an inclusive and welcoming community here at UP. I want to ensure that everyone on campus feels represented, respected, and heard. "