Diversity Collaborators

Student diversity collaborators help plan programs and events to create a welcoming campus environment and community network for students at UP. Diversity collaborators plan annual events in order to further enrich the appreciation of diversity at University of Portland.

The diversity collaborators have office hours every week.

Jayla Fernandez

Jayla Fernandez| she/her/hers - Class of 2022

"I chose to be a Diversity Collaborator because I want minorities to feel like they have a sense of belonging here on the UP campus. I want them to feel peace in knowing that they are heard and acknowledged just like everyone else. Seeing people enjoy events that I helped take part in is a very rewarding experience. The skills I have learned through being a Diversity Collaborator will help benefit me in my future endeavors"

Carolina Cortes

Carolina Cortes| she/her/hers - Class of 2021
Psychology minor in Spanish

"I became a Diversity Collaborator because it is important that every person to feel safe, welcome, and included, no matter their background or identity. It is essential that students feel empowered to express who they are, and through helping other student leaders do that, it helps create safe spaces where diversity, equity, and inclusion can flourish"

Hazel Stange

Hazel Stange | she/her/hers - Class of 2022
Philosophy and History

"I wanted to be a Diversity Collaborator because cultural pride and education is something that is extremely important to me. I want to make sure that UP campus is safe space for every person of every origin. It is essential that every student is empowered to be authentic to who they are and where they come from. "

Dani Perez

Daniela Perez Vargas| she/her/hers - Class of 2022

"I’ve always felt like there’s something more I could be doing to promote awareness of diversity in cultures and on our campus. Which is why I choose to become a Diversity Collaborator. I want my peers and faculty to be informed on the important issues and events that have to do with diversity and inclusion. I want my fellow students to feel empowered in their own culture and like they belong here at UP."

Peytynn Kubo

Peytynn Kubo | she/her/hers - Class of 2023
Business Administration

"I believe that one’s cultural identity is such an important and vital aspect of their life. I became a Diversity Collaborator in order to help promote an inclusive and welcoming community here at UP. I want to ensure that everyone on campus feels represented, respected, and heard. "