Speak UP

The University of Portland honors and respects differences and embraces the human diversity among us. We invite all members of the campus community to be active in promoting peace, celebrating diversity, and creating inclusive environments on campus.

Accordingly, the University has a Statement on Inclusion and expressly prohibits discriminatory harassment by all administrators, faculty, staff, and students, as detailed in our Non-Discrimination Policy:

"The University of Portland does not discriminate in its educational programs, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, athletic and other school-administered programs, or employment on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, disability, age, or sexual orientation. The University expressly reserves its rights and obligations to maintain its commitment to its Catholic identity and the doctrines of the Catholic Church."

Grounded in our mission of Teaching & Learning, Faith & Formation, and Service & Leadership, we strive to promote a safe environment where all people can live, work, and learn. We ask all of our students, faculty, and staff for a willingness to enter into conversations that celebrate the backgrounds of all people and foster an inclusive community.

Reporting Options

We ask members of our community to SPEAK UP and report alleged incidents of observed or experienced interactions of discrimination or harassment. Persons may choose to report to multiple sources for many reasons, including those listed below.

Discrimination or Harassment on the Basis of Race, Color, National or Ethnic Origin, Disability, Age, or Sexual Orientation

Sarah Meiser
Associate Director for Community Standards
Office of Residence Life
Discrimination or Harassment on the Basis of Sex and Gender
Discrimination on the basis of sex and gender in education programs, including athletic programs or activities that receive federal funding. Discrimination on the basis of sex or gender can include sexual harassment and interpersonal violence including: stalking, relationship violence, and sexual violence.

Title IX/Early Alert Reporting Link

Sandy Chung
University Title IX Coordinator

Jeromy Koffler
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students


Bill Jenkins
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Staff

Matt Rygg
Deputy Title IX Coordinator for Students

Discrimination or Harassment in On Campus Employment

Bill Jenkins
Director, Employee Relations & Staff Diversity

If you experience or observe any acts of bias, prejudice, violence, or incivility, we encourage you to report it immediately to the Campus Safety Department.

Campus Safety
24 hour emergency: 503.943.4444
24-hour non-emergency: 503.943.7161

Campus Safety Anonymous Reporting Link