President's Message

Fr. Mark Poorman"I am delighted to share with you the University of Portland’s diversity and inclusion resources, programs, and information. Through patient, respectful dialogue, people can expand their world views by engaging with the experiences, perceptions, opinions, and values of others. This dialogue helps us build a stronger community, and these experiences bring about new levels of understanding and appreciation. At the University of Portland, we create opportunities for our graduates to become culturally, socially, and spiritually prepared to live in our diverse and global world. I hope you will join me in ensuring that ours is a welcoming, supportive, and safe community.” 

-Rev. Mark L. Poorman, C.S.C. 




The President and Provosts issued the following statements to the UP community in response to local and national events:

President and Provosts' Message June 30, 2020

Assistant Provost's Message June 28, 2020

President and Provosts' Message to the UP Community Following Up On Town Hall, Committing to Action

President and Provosts' Message, June 1, 2020