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President's Message

It is my privilege to serve as President at the University of Portland. As a Catholic University, guided by the Congregation of Holy Cross, our core tenants of teaching and learning, faith and formation, and service and leadership are underscored and enhanced by our commitment to honoring the dignity of each and every member of our community. My commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is rooted in our University’s rich mission and traditions. Supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion is not only about honoring the past, it is also mindful of the present and future. Through supporting and advancing our DEI initiatives around campus we will serve our students well as we prepare them to work with people of all backgrounds and meet the needs of our increasingly interconnected world.   

Through inclusive vision-setting, intentional collaboration, and a collective commitment to excellence in all that we do, we can continue to build our beloved community. I invite you to find ways to bring your identities, cultural heritage, and distinct talents to the University of Portland and work with us to foster a culture of inclusion and belonging here on The Bluff and in the world!

Robert D. Kelly, Ph.D.

 Dr. Robert D. Kelly

Dr. Robert D. Kelly Ph.D.


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