President's Message

It is my pleasure to share with you the University of Portland’s diversity and inclusion resources, programs, and information. I hope that the pages herein reinforce the fact that diversity, equity, and inclusion are and always will be an institutional priority at UP. Indeed, the struggle to build a more just society will be with us for the rest of our lives. This is holy work, and it’s work that our Catholic identity calls us to engage.

Our faculty and staff are committed to helping our diverse student body to better understand and engage their own American experience and to create opportunities for our graduates to become culturally, socially, and spiritually prepared to live in our diverse and global world. I hope that, whoever you are, whatever role you play at UP, you will be a partner and a co-collaborator in these efforts which will go on for the entirety of our University’s existence. 

-Herbert A. Medina

Acting President

Image of two students with Dr. Medina



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