Diversity Center FAQ

Why does UP have a Diversity Center?

The DC is consistent with UP’s mission. In part, our mission states that the University “prepares people who respond to the needs of the world and its human family.” The DC allows us to respond to the needs of our own campus family in all its complex, interdependent, intersectional, and multicultural diversity. In this way, the DC is a mission driven response to student requests, and a long-term commitment to a more inclusive campus.

Has the furniture in the Diversity Center been used?

We wanted to open the DC as soon as possible, and we wanted to let the community have a say in what type of furniture was in the center. Therefore, generous campus partners like the Clark Library and Residence Life have lent the DC furniture so that it can open in the fall 2018. Over the course of the semester, we will solicit feedback on the type of furniture to buy, then we will prioritize working with local businesses that are owned by under-represented communities to purchase new furniture. The DC will then benefit from ideas within the community and we will be able to support local, under-represented businesses.

Why are the walls so bare?

We will be slowly adding artwork from around the world and within the community for temporary use, but we also seek input from the community on the type of artwork to display long-term. Later in the fall, there will be a call for artists to contribute their work to the center. The submissions will be reviewed by a campus-wide committee.

Can movies be shown or music be played in the Diversity Center?

Yes, but, we are in the process of ordering a media console, speakers, and A/V hookups for the center. There is currently a screen that can be used for projection, but students will need to request a media cart from Media Services to project onto the screen.

Where can I charge my phone, plug in my laptop, etc.?

There are two primary outlets in the center on either of the two longer walls. We are working to add additional outlets in the future.

Can I bring food into the Diversity Center?

Yes, of course. As always, be respectful of others and clean up any leftovers. Eventually, the DC will have a water cooler with hot/cold water for students to fill their water bottles or make tea.

Can I use the white board in the center?

Yes! Again, be respectful of your peers and erase anything you don’t want to share with others. The Office of International Education, Diversity, and Inclusion will post messages and questions for the community on the board. So, feel free to use it to interact!

Who manages the Diversity Center?

The DC is managed by the Office of International Education, Diversity, and Inclusion, which is across the hall in BC 114. If you need markers for the dry erase boards, or have any questions about the center during the day, please come to BC 114 (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) for help. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the center, please contact the assistant provost for international education, diversity, and inclusion, Eduardo Contreras at contrera@up.edu.