Check-UP on DEI | University of Portland

Check-UP on DEI

A time and space to dream big, start small, or report out-- let's check up on the health of our DEI initiatives. 

  • Drop in for part of the time or stay for the duration, this time and space is meant to serve those bringing DEI into their spheres across campus.  
  • We will use virtual boards and break-out rooms to share tools, inform each other of upcoming and ongoing projects, talk through challenges, ask each other questions, imagine possibilities and plan for the future.  

Please Join us for a Check-UP event Thursday January 13th from 9:00 – 10:30 am.

At this event the full UP community will be invited to share successes, frustrations, resources, etc, and we will shine a light on DEIJ Framework participants who wish to share and/or request feedback from their colleagues. 

Email for the Zoom link or find it in Pilots Announcements as the event approaches.