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Faculty Conducting Research

All research conducted by UP faculty and staff that involves human subjects is subject to oversight by the IRB. By this we mean that the IRB is charged with ensuring that all research involving human subjects is conducted in an ethical manner and in accordance with government regulations. Some research activity conducted by faculty and staff may not require direct review and oversight by the IRB.

Research involving human subjects need not be reviewed by the IRB if all three of the following conditions are satisfied:

  1. The project involves minimal risk to subjects.
  2. The project does not involve vulnerable populations.
  3. Results will not be distributed outside the classroom and/or institutional setting.

Faculty and staff research performed to make a contribution to scientific knowledge must be reviewed by the IRB because the general intent is to disseminate the results of that research to a broad audience (e.g., a conference presentation or publication.)

If the results of the project will be published or otherwise distributed, in any form of media, the project must be reviewed by the IRB.

Please see How to Initiate a Review for further guidance.

Institutional research

Much research that is conducted by faculty or staff under the heading of institutional research does not require direct IRB review. In most cases, such research does not pose more than minimal risk to subjects, no vulnerable populations are involved, and there is no intention or expectation of disseminating the results of the research outside of the classroom or institutional setting. However, if any of these three conditions are not met, IRB review is required.