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Board Meeting Schedule

The IRB makes every attempt to respond to requests for review within 14 days of submission. However, during particularly busy periods, additional time may be necessary. 

If a project raises particular issues that the IRB feels are not adequately addressed in the submitted materials, the researcher may be asked to submit additional information, clarify a point, or make revisions. On rare occasions, the researcher and faculty supervisor may be asked to appear before the IRB to resolve matters of procedure, etc.

Meeting Schedule

The IRB meets monthly during Fall and Spring semesters. Proposals requiring a full board review will be reviewed at the next scheduled meeting if submitted by the end of the prior month. For example, a proposal submitted by December 31, would be reviewed at the January IRB meeting. A written response to submitted proposals will be sent within a week of the meeting.

Please note: The IRB does not meet during the summer.  Proposals received during the summer months will still be processed, however, if a full board review is required, it will not be able to be processed until the Fall semester starts.