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Request for Review

This website has been updated to reflect the Revised Common Rule, implemented on January 21, 2019.

The Request for Review form summarizes your proposed study and includes study related documents. It is important that you follow the directions for completing the form and furnish the proper supporting materials. Any deviations or failure to submit the appropriate materials will result in a delay. Although a formal research proposal is not required when submitting the Request for Review form, the information provided should be of sufficient detail to the IRB reviewer to adequately review human subjects considerations. If students are to be used as research assistants in the study, information should be provided on how students are prepared and the nature of the research assistant's role. If you have questions, please contact the IRB at

If you are an instructor who is assigning classroom projects, please read the guidelines for Faculty Supervising Student Research before submitting any materials to the IRB.

The narrative research proposal need not be submitted to the IRB with the initial request for review. However, it may be requested during the review process.

Materials submitted should include:

  1. The Request for Review form, properly and fully completed. Do not alter the form in any way. All the investigators must be listed.
  2. Any questionnaires, interview schedules, and other study tools that you intend to use.
  3. Informed consent form(s) or confidentiality statements.
Send completed forms and necessary supporting material via email attachment to to initiate a review.