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What is a Co-Pilot?

Co-Pilots are highly trained peer tutors who have been recommended by their professors and have excelled in the classes they tutor in.

UP peer tutors are called Co-Pilots to emphasize their key roles of guiding and supporting the students they work with as they continue to grow as learners themselves. The Learning Commons recognizes that both Co-Pilots and the students who seek their help are in the middle of navigating their academic journeys. While Co-Pilots help their classmates, they continue to grow and learn as well.

In addition to tutoring students through appointments and drop-in hours, Co-Pilots provide peer academic support by leading workshops, facilitating Study Groups, creating resource guides, and developing and leading other initiatives.

Learn more about projects, events and resources created or led by Co-Pilots:

Learning Commons x Wally Pilot

The Learning Commons x Wally Pilot collaboration seen throughout the Learning Commons website, on Learning Commons promotional materials, and on Learning Commons signs in BC 163 were developed by Co-Pilots and a Shepard Academic Resource Center (SARC) Student Ambassador who worked in the Learning Commons.

Co-Pilots Chloe Zhou '24 and Maddy Lopez '23 directed a photo and video shoot and created a video showing how every Pilot, even Wally Pilot, needs a Co-Pilot. Their photographs were turned into drawings by SARC Student Ambassador Sierra Ivory '23. Through their work on these projects, Chloe, Maddy and Sierra help make the Learning Commons a more welcoming and inviting space while normalizing asking for help. Thank you, Chloe, Maddy and Sierra!

Co-Pilots Helping Students Behind the Scenes

Even when they're not tutoring students, Co-Pilots are finding ways to help their classmates! Two Co-Pilots and Learning Commons Student Assistants, Sophia Osuna '24 and Julianna Pedone '25, have worked on numerous, important projects that have shaped the Learning Commons' approaches to tutoring services. Sophia and Julianna have developed and strengthened: the Learning Commons Resource Library; data visualization tools that help the Learning Commons make data-informed decisions; tutor trainings; student conduct policies for tutees; promotional materials; promotional events; and other projects. Sophia and Julianna's contributions have helped make the Learning Commons' tutoring services more equitable, inclusive, welcoming and effective. Thank you, Sophia and Julianna!


Interested in Becoming a Co-Pilot?

Students can apply by visiting the UP Student Employment Job Board and searching for "Co-Pilot." If you have any questions, please email

Working as a Co-Pilot provides students with the opportunity to develop the following Career Readiness Competencies: 

  • Analytical & Critical Thinking
  • Applied Problem Solving
  • Engaging Diversity 
  • Oral & Written Communication
  • Teamwork & Leadership