Learning Commons Information & Resources for UP Faculty & Staff | University of Portland

Learning Commons Information & Resources for UP Faculty & Staff


One of the main ways UP students learn about tutoring services is through their classes and instructors. Students who may not have otherwise asked for help or guidance from Co-Pilots, visited the Learning Commons because their professor promoted UP peer tutoring services in class.


Incorporating Co-Pilot Tutoring Services into Classes

If faculty would like to collaborate on how to incorporate the Learning Commons and Co-Pilot peer tutoring into their classes, assignments and extra credit opportunities, please contact learning@up.edu.


Co-Pilot Classroom Visits

If faculty would like to have a Co-Pilot visit their class to introduce themselves and UP tutoring services, please contact learning@up.edu.


Digital Resources for Faculty & Staff

The Learning Commons has created digital flyers so faculty & staff can easily share information about tutoring services with their students through email or by posting on Moodle.

If you need a digital flyer that isn't included in the list below or if you would like printed flyers, please contact learning@up.edu.