About the Learning Commons | University of Portland

About the Learning Commons


The Learning Commons, located in BC 163, provides peer tutoring services for all students at the University of Portland. 



Learning Commons Mission Statement

The Learning Commons supports students academically through student-centered, anti-racist, inclusive, and trauma-informed practices.


Academic Support for Students

What types of academic support does the Learning Commons provide?

  • Different types of Peer Tutoring
  • Coverage of Different Subjects and Skills


Student-Centered, Anti-Racist, Inclusive and Trauma-Informed Practices

How are the Learning Commons' academic support services for students guided by student-centered, anti-racist, inclusive and trauma-informed practices?

  • Student-Led Projects, Workshops, Events, and Study Groups
  • Student-Created Guides in the Resource Library
  • Peer Tutoring Services
    • Different Types of Services
    • Coverage of Different Content and Skills
  • Different Forms of Engagement
  • Tutor Training Topics and Approaches
  • Approaches to Data Collection and Data Analysis
  • Hiring Practices
  • Survey Questions
  • Physical Space


Program Outcomes

  • Students have equitable access to tutoring services
  • Students will be more confident in their coursework after using Learning Commons tutoring services


Some ways the Learning Commons achieves the first outcome is by:

  • Providing different types of tutoring services
  • Providing tutoring services for courses in different disciplines across campus
  • Providing tutoring services for students from different majors
  • Providing tutoring services for especially difficult and challenging courses (based on student, Co-Pilot and faculty recommendation)

One way the Learning Commons assesses its achievement of the second outcome is by asking students who use tutoring services to take an after-visit survey. One of the survey questions asks if students feel more confident after working with a Co-Pilot.

To see how the Learning Commons has succeeded in these objectives, visit the Learning Commons Successes page