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Engaging Online Learning Together

The Learning Commons invites all students to connect with our trained writing assistants and peer tutors as an effective learning strategy for greater success in their college courses.

Working with our writing assistants and tutors also makes your online learning experience at UP more socially connected.

Quick Links to our most utilized programs:

Check out our peer tutoring appointment offerings by using our Peer Tutoring Scheduler.

We collaborate with campus partners to offer and support the following programs to all UP students:

Make us one of your go-to strategies for your college courses

Our peer educators offer a rich synchronous face-to-face experience in Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or GoBoard in the following areas:

The Writing Center: Students can book an appointment at www.up.mywconline.net. For help at a time not offered on the scheduler, students can send an email request to writing@up.edu. Please note that you will create an WCONLINE account the first time you request an appointment.

All other tutoring programs can be accessed the Learning Commons by using our bit.ly link (https://bit.ly/learning-up). Please make appointments at least 12 hours in advance.

  • Math Resource Center: For support in 100-300 level math courses, including Finite Math (MTH 141) and Statistics (MTH 161).
  • Nursing Tutoring: For individual and group peer tutoring in any of the 100–400 level nursing classes, as well as BIO 205, microbiology, and anatomy and physiology courses for nurses.
  • The Language Studio: Students can access French, German, Spanish, and Chinese language tutors.
  • Natural Sciences Center: Students can make appointments for biology, chemistry, and physics tutoring for 200 and 300 level courses.
  • Business Tutoring: For support in economics, accounting, finance, OTM, and business law.
  • Speech & Presentation Lab: Students can improve their presentation writing and online delivery skills.
  • Group Work Lab: Students can meet as a group to develop their project with a Group Work Lab consultant for online group projects.

Tutoring works best when students use it proactively and consistently during the semester. For example, students can use the Writing Center for brainstorming ideas for a paper and later for working on a first draft. Likewise, those seeking tutoring can work with a tutor a few times leading up to a test. We also welcome small group appointments for 2-4 students at a time; such social learning can be very effective.

Questions about the Learning Commons and our programs can be directed to Jeffrey White at white@up.edu.

Accessing Teams for online learning and tutoring

Since all tutoring takes place in Microsoft Teams, your tutor will contact you via Teams to confirm your tutoring appointment. Microsoft Teams platform is available through the University’s Office 365 MyApps at https://myapps.up.eduWe suggest that you download the app.

To support the success of their virtual tutoring appointments students can take the following steps:

  • Use a laptop or tablet with a camera and microphone.

  • Become familiar with the Office 365 MyApps and search for the Teams app. Go to an introductory video on joining a meeting in Teams at https://support.office.com/en-us/article/join-a-teams-meeting-078e9868-f1aa-4414-8bb9-ee88e9236ee4.

  • If possible, download the Microsoft Teams app on their device.

  • Schedule appointments 48 hours in advance, if possible.

  • Maintain patience and understanding as some of our tutors may still be developing their proficiencies with running virtual tutoring session on Teams.

  • The Learning Commons has published suggestions for adjusting to online learning. This helpful guide is available here.

All questions regarding the Learning Commons’ virtual tutoring program can be directed to Jeffrey White, Learning Commons Administrator at white@up.edu.

Why make the Learning Commons a part of your college toolkit...

The Learning Commons connects with our peer tutors, assistants, and consultants in a variety of disciplines to deepen your learning through practice, questions, and review.

Our trained peer tutors are available for all UP students who want to reach greater levels of success in various disciplines and skill areas such as writing, math, foreign languages, sciences, speech and presentations, nursing, economics and business, and group project planning.

The Learning Commons' tutor training program is nationally recognized by the College Reading and Learning Association's International Tutor Training Program Certification. Our content tutors are either certified as Level 1 tutors or are working toward certification. Our writing assistants in the Writing Center take a three-credit training course in preparation to support UP students.

The Learning Commons is a program of the Shepard Academic Resource Center.

Connect. Learn. Succeed.