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Learning Commons

Located in Buckley Center 163, The Learning Commons connects with our peer tutors, assistants, and consultants in a variety of disciplines to deepen your learning through practice, questions, and review.

Peer learning assistance is available to all UP students who want to reach greater levels of success in various disciplines and skill areas such as writing, math, foreign languages, sciences, speech and presentations, nursing, economics and business, group project planning and sophomore engineering classes.

The Learning Commons is a program of the Shepard Academic Resource Center.

An invitation to improve and enjoy your college experience

Join us in Buckley 163 to practice the disciplines you are working so hard to learn. Also, for writing, presentations, and group projects, you can work with our tutors to deepen key communication skills across many disciplines. In addition, our tutors are your peers and know what it's like to be a student today.

Tutoring during the summer sessions

We invite you to work this summer with writing assistants and peer tutors in writing, math, nursing, chemistry, biology, Spanish, French, and German  by appointment.

Use our services early and often during this condensed summer session.

Make Appointments Online

Writing Assistance

Whether you want to start brainstorming ideas for your paper or prepare a final draft, our Writing Assistants can help. Send your requests to

Math Resource Center

Calculus tutoring is available by appointment only. Please send a request with a few good days and times to meet to

Nursing Tutoring

Nursing tutors are available tutoring in Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, BIO 205, Med Surge, and Anatomy and Physiology by appointment at 

Natural Sciences Center

Appointments are available for 200 level classes. Send a request to meet to or with a few days and times that work for you.

The Language Studio

Please send a request to,, or with a few days and times that work for you.


Connect. Learn. Succeed.