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The Learning Commons recognizes that there are many different ways to learn and strives to provide various learning opportunities to help students develop a deeper and clearer understanding of course content while strengthening academic skills. In addition to working with Co-Pilots in tutoring appointments and during drop-in hours, UP students can attend Learning Commons-hosted events like writing workshops, exam reviews, study groups, math nights and game nights.


Upcoming Events


Math Night

The Learning Commons is hosting Math Night on Wednesday, September 6th from 4:30pm - 5:30pm! Come check out the Math Resource Center in the Learning Commons (BC 163)! It's a prime place to work on homework, get help from a Co-Pilot, and meet new math friends. Stop by on Math Night for prizes, games, and more!

Stress Management Workshop

The Learning Commons is hosting a stress management workshop on Thursday, April 13th from 10:00am - 10:30am in the Learning Commons (BC 163). This workshop is being led by Corey S. Pressman, MA, an instructor in UP's Integrated Health and Wellness program. He is also a wellness coach, artist and writer. After this thirty minute workshop, participants will be able to employ several simple techniques to recognize, mitigate, and manage episodes of stress. 

NRS 317 Study Groups

The Learning Commons is hosting facilitated study groups for NRS 317 students on Wednesdays at 9:15am - 10:10am and Fridays at 2:35pm - 3:30pm. These study groups are led by Co-Pilots who specialize in academic skills and strategies like note-taking, studying for exams, time management and organization. They are assisted by Nursing Co-Pilots who can help with content-specific questions. By attending the NRS 317 study groups, students will build skills and learn how to work with classmates to study more effectively while preparing for NRS 317 exams. The NRS 317 Study Groups take place in the Learning Commons in BC 163.

Co-Pilot-Led Events

Co-Pilots develop and organize events to support students beyond tutoring appointments and drop-in hours. Below are some examples of the Learning Commons' events led by Co-Pilots.


Typewriter with Flowers

Writing Workshops

Writing Assistant Co-Pilots have organized writing workshops on topics such as refining sentence-level skills (grammar, punctuation, style) and using reading strategies to improve the writing process.

Math Night

Students interested in learning more about math tutoring services are invited to Math Nights in the Learning Commons! At Math Nights, students can meet Math Co-Pilots, play games and win prizes.
Wally Pilot and Students

Study Groups

Co-Pilots have identified study groups as an effective method of helping students in specific classes. Study groups provide students with the opporutnity to meet their classmates and study in groups. Co-Pilots help facilitate the group-learning experience and are there to help answer any questions. Co-Pilots have organized study groups for classes such as BIO 305: Anatomy & Physiology.

Writing Assistance Pop-Ups in the Library

In collaboration with the Clark Library, Writing Assistant Co-Pilots have hosted Writing Assistance Pop-Up events in the library. Students looking for writing help can stop by the library during pop-up hours to ask questions and receive guidance from Writing Assistant Co-Pilots.

Exam Review

Co-Pilots help students build study strategies and better understand course content during exam review sessions. Exam review sessions provide students with an opportunity to ask Co-Pilots questions and work with classmates to more effectively study for their exams. Accounting Co-Pilots have hosted exam review sessions for BUS 209 and BUS 210.

Conversation Practice

Language Co-Pilots work with students in French, German and Spanish classes on improving conversation skills in various ways. The Learning Commons has hosted game nights using German board games to give students in German-language classes fun ways to become more comfortable speaking German.

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