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Bust of Cicero

Cicero, De Oratore

"There is to my mind no more excellent thing that the powers, by means of oratory, to get a hold on assemblies of [the people], win their good will, direct their inclinations…. Who therefore would not rightly admire this faculty, and deem it [their] duty to exert [themselves] to the utmost in this field."

The art of speaking well in front of others, whether in a speech or a presentation, is essential for success in society. This fact has been recognized by ancient philosophers like Cicero to present day authors like Duarte, who claims, “It takes discipline to be a great communicator – it’s a skill that will bring a big payoff to you personally and to your organization.” In a world in which the ability to communicate eloquently in public spaces is diminishing, yet still is vital for personal and organizational success, being able to present yourself and your message well to an audience of others sets one apart positively from one’s colleagues and competitors. 

The University of Portland and the Department of Communication Studies acknowledges the power of speech and through the Learning Commons’ Speech and Presentation Lab provides you with the means to succeed in your public speaking and presentation opportunities. Assistants, who are your peers, will work with you to help you plan, prepare, practice, and deliver quality public speeches and presentations. With the rising significance of being an eloquent communicator in the public sphere each in-class speech and presentation at the University of Portland is an opportunity for you to prepare for success later in your chosen career. So, improve your likelihood for success here in your classes and in the future by scheduling your speech and presentation assistant today.

The Speech and Presentation Lab is a collaboration of the communication studies department and the Learning Commons. For more information, call the Learning Commons at 503.943.8002. To learn more about other opportunities to improve your public speaking, call the communication studies at 503.943.7229.

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