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Prepare for Your Appointment

Now that you have made an appointment with a writing assistant, take some time to prepare for maximizing your session. 

How to Maximize your Writing Center Appointment

What to Do

  • Submit your session goals prior to arriving.
  • Bring what you'll need for a productive session.
  • Arrive at or slightly before your scheduled time.

What to Bring

  • Anything you have written (printed or electronic)
  • Assignment and/or syllabus
  • Pen/pencil
  • Any questions you have
  • Texts (if applicable). Include primary and secondary sources.
  • If your instructor provided a model text, bring it with you.

Think about where you are in the writing process:

If you’re Brainstorming…

  • Look over texts or materials for things you find interesting.
  • Write down any ideas you have for the assignment.
  • Consider the aim, tone, and audience of your paper.

If you’re Drafting…

  • Keep your plan/outline in mind.
  • Write as much of your argument as possible.
  • Check over your spelling, grammar, and terminology (if applicable)
  • Use our online resources to support your writing at this stage.

If you’re Revising…   

If you still have questions about preparing for your appointment, contact your writing assistant via email. We look forward working with you!

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