TurnItIn at UP for Students | University of Portland

TurnItIn at UP for Students

Student intellectual integrity is extremely important to faculty at the University of Portland. A great many of your instructors will have you upload electronic versions of formal written assignments through your class management system Moodle, to be archived by an authenticity-verifying software called Turnitin.com.

Submission is done by clicking on the specific class in Moodle, which brings you to the course's "Weekly Outline." Under the week the assignment is due, the assignment should appear; click on it, then click the tab "Submit Paper." Select the way you want to upload the paper (either "File Upload" if you're attaching the paper or "Text Submission" if you're choosing the cut-and-paste method - either way should work). Enter the remaining information, and your process will be complete.

Note that the Turnitin system occasionally experiences problems that make it inaccessible for a while; if you run into problems uploading, simply try again at another hour or the following day, for patience usually solves most of the problems you'll experience.

For questions, contact campus Turnitin administrator Cara Hersh (hersh@up.edu or 503.943.7262).