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Printing Services

Printing Services offers the latest technologies in digital imaging to provide the University with high resolution black-and-white and color copies. Our services are provided to support the University's administration, academic units, faculty and instructors. 

We cannot reproduce personal jobs.

Students, the library & labs have copiers available for class related printing. Printing Services does offer large format printing and binding services for your class related projects. Please direct requests and questions to

We can print from hard copy originals or PDF digital files; print-ready PDFs are preferred.

PDFs may be submitted to, in the finished size required. Instructions via email or a print request form must be included with each job submitted.

When submitting jobs to Printing Services please allow a minimum of 24 hours from the time you submit your job until completion.

To streamline processes, Printing Services and UP’s Bookstore have partnered together for the purchase of course packs and lab manuals. (Not including: Exams, handouts, and not for purchase items.)

  • Faculty send your requests to
  • Printing Services will submit all purchasable class materials through Xanedu.
  • Xanedu will then create print-ready documents with an embedded barcode. 
  • Once the artwork is finalized, Xanadu will send it to Printing Services for production.
  • Once complete, the final order will be delivered to the University Bookstore.  
  • Course packs and lab manuals will then be available for student purchase at the bookstore. 

 To ensure there are no delays, please submit copyrighted content to, ten weeks prior to sale dateCopyright policy is strictly enforced.

Printing Services will no longer directly handle any of the copyright clearance authorization or file preparation for course packs and lab manuals. 

If you have any questions, please contact Kassie Hansen at 503.943.8101, Linda Gill or Mary Scroggins at 503.943.7200.