Maureen Briare’s Healing Harp | University of Portland

Maureen Briare’s Healing Harp

Maureen Briare with her harp

The musical gifts of Maureen Briare ’92, MA ’04 may seem ubiquitous on The Bluff. As campus ministry’s associate director for liturgical music, Maureen composes, arranges, and leads the University of Portland community in song for weekly Masses, as well as those offered during Orientation, Commencement, Reunion, and other milestone events. She exudes warmth and kindness, and as students in her chapel choir can attest, Maureen is a focused and generous listener with a ready smile that radiates joy. In this “new normal,” of worry and the unknown, people everywhere are asking, “How can I help?” It comes as no surprise that Maureen offers to comfort and uplift the anxious through her gift of music. A skilled soloist on piano, guitar, flute, and percussion, she chose to soothe the anxious with weekly online posts featuring spiritual hymns, mindful meditation, and the gentle plucking of her Celtic “Healing Harp.”

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