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BetterMynd Teletherapy

Mental Health Is Health



You are on a mental health journey – welcome. You deserve to feel safe and supported. You deserve mental health care that acknowledges and respects the intersection of your identity and experiences. You are allowed to acknowledge all that makes you a human. You don’t have to suffer in silence.


University of Portland is partnered with BetterMynd, an online therapy platform, to offer students access to free teletherapy sessions from a diverse network of licensed mental health counselors.

These 50-minute live video sessions are private and confidential and can take place from the convenience of your laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Teletherapy sessions are available during the day, at night, and on weekends, so you can get support whenever it's best for you.




Registering for BetterMynd takes less than 5 minutes and will allow you to manage your sessions and preferred counselors from the convenience of your account dashboard.  Register using your email address to access the service.

Register for BetterMynd


Your first session with an accredited compassionate counselor is a few easy steps away. Once you register for your personal BetterMynd account, simply fill out a brief intake survey to assist in matching you with the best counselors and resources for your specific needs. 

After completing your intake survey, you will have access to your student dashboard. Here, you can view counselors and schedule your first session. Your dashboard is also where you'll attend teletherapy sessions. You can also browse upcoming wellbeing workshops and reserve your spot. 


Learn more about what to expect at your first session or start your mental health journey today by registering your account and scheduling your first session.