Student Mental Health Resources for Parents | University of Portland

Student Mental Health Resources for Parents

Please visit our University Care Team's guide for getting the right help for your student.
You can also fill out a referral form and the Care Team will connect with your student.

Emergency Mental Health Resources:

Call the Campus Safety emergency line at 503.943.4444 and 911
For more information, visit our Emergency Mental Health Resources page.

Pilot Helpline (On-Call Counselor):

The Pilot Helpline is available to all students 24/7. Students can access the Pilot Helpline by calling the Health Center at 503.943.7134 and choosing option 3 in the voicemail message.
For more information, visit our Pilot Helpline page.

Counseling General FAQs for Parents:

For more questions related to general counseling services, visit our FAQs page.
You can also visit UP's Parent Relations page for moe information about University policies and procedures.

UP On-Campus Counseling:

The on-campus Counseling Center is open for student appointments Monday through Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm, with a daily lunch break from 12:00pm-1:00pm. To schedule an appointment, students should go online to the secure patient portal or call the Health & Counseling office at 503.943.7134.
For more information, visit our Counseling Center page.

Off-Campus Counseling/ Therapy:

There are 3 common referral websites that are used to help students find off-campus counseling and therapy: Psychology Today, Open Path Collective, and Portland Therapy Center.
For more information, visit our Community Referrals & Off-Campus Counseling page.
You can also visit Welltrack Connect's FAQs for parents of students looking for off-campus therapy.

How to help your stressed out student:

Remind your student to use the resources available to them:

Adjusting to when your student returns home for break: