Pilot Helpline (On-Call Counselor) | University of Portland

Pilot Helpline (On-Call Counselor)

The University of Portland offers students a 24/7 Pilot Helpline. To speak with the Pilot Helpline and get confidential support from anywhere at any time, call the Health & Counseling office at 503.943.7134, and select Option 3 in our voicemail message. If you call during business hours and the front desk answers the phone, kindly inform us that you are needing to reach the Pilot Helpline.

When to call:

  • To talk about a situation that you don't know how to handle
    (i.e. What to do if a friend is sending you concerning messages) 
  • To get confidential support and guidance
    (i.e., Grief about a recent break up, death of a family member, or fight with a friend)
  • To manage academic stressors
  • To access crisis support or intervention
    (i.e., Sexual assault, thoughts of suicide or self injury, thoughts of harming others)
  • To get temporary support while you wait for your scheduled counseling appointment

You can call the Pilot Helpline from any location. If you are not on campus or in the Portland area, notify your Helpline counselor so they know how to interpret their procedures, such as offering local resources or escalating to in-person intervention.

Pilot Helpline Flyer