Same Day Appointments | University of Portland

Same Day Appointments

Same day urgent counseling appointments are available twice a day at 11:30am and 3:30pm. To request a same day appointment, please call 503.943.7134. If you are requesting a same day appointment, reception will ask you to answer some brief questions so we can better understand your needs.

Same day appointments are available to students who are experiencing and wanting to address:

  1. active suicidal or homicidal ideation,
  2. recent oppression or discrimination based on a marginalized identity,
  3. recent death of a loved one;
  4. and to students who have experienced sexual assault or other interpersonal violence.

Regardless of whether or not you meet the criteria above, if you need to speak with a counselor urgently at any time, you may call the Health & Counseling office at 503.943.7134, and choose option 3 in our voicemail to be connected with the Pilot Helpline (on-call counselor).