Student Ambassador Job Details

group shot of first generation ambassadorsThe Shepard Academic Resource Center (SARC) is seeking to recruit and hire first generation (FGEN) student ambassadors to work with the program manager for special populations to lead and coordinate targeted programming opportunities for FGEN students.  In addition, this position will offer a mentorship component to freshmen students, creating a new opportunity for FGEN freshmen to connect to FGEN upper class students. 

Position Description

FGEN Student Ambassadors are sophomore through senior students that will serve in a leadership capacity for the FGEN community on the UP campus. As noted each FGEN Ambassador will lead and coordinate targeted programming events throughout the school year.  Also, each FGEN Ambassador will serve as a facilitator, seeking to develop a relationship with his/her mentees to help solve problems, and guide them in their continued adjustment to the university environment.  When leading FGEN targeted programs, the purpose is to help first generation students adjust to college.  The goal of the mentorship component is to provide a safe place to discuss struggles that may be unique to their experience as a first generation student, and also to work through new strategies to support their transition to our campus. 

Role and Goals of FGEN Student Ambassador Position

  • Serve as a representative of the SARC specifically at all FGEN program events
  • Support academic success of first-year FGEN students
  • Serve as a mentor to first-year FGEN students who opt for mentorship component
  • Connect students to faculty, academic advisors, staff, and University resources
  • Assist and collaborate with Program Manager with the incorporation of co-curricular activities
  • Aid in the overall transition of first-year students into the UP community
  • Encourage involvement in University organizations and campus events
  • Foster “ownership” in the collegiate experience 

Responsibilities of FGEN Ambassadors

  • Participate and assume leadership with required events associated with the FGEN program including but not limited to Summer Launch Pre-Orientation, New Student Orientation, First UP, Financial Aid Assistance, Networking/Leveraging Relationships event, end of year recognition, academic success workshops and other designated events
  • Engage and schedule a regularly agreed upon meeting time with assigned FGEN mentees
  • Promote and enhance the marketing efforts of all programming and events for UP FGEN students
  • Attend required FGEN Ambassador meetings and training
  • Contribute to and participate in the overall mission of the Shepard Academic Resource center FGEN program


In order to be considered for a first generation peer mentor position, candidates must:

  • Be a first generation student and currently enrolled as a full-time student at UP
  • Be entering their second or higher year of studies at UP
  • Be willing to support and offer their experiences in order to aid new students in their transition to college
  • Possess a GPA of 3.0 or higher (cumulative and previous term)
  • Demonstrates strong leadership and oral communication skills.
  • Knowledge or interest in helping create a campus environment that celebrates diversity.
  • Ability to motivate peers.
  • Understanding of campus issues for special student populations.
  • Commitment to developing a peer mentor networking system for FGEN students Must be able to attend all leadership trainings
  • Previous participation FGEN events, either in a leadership capacity or first year participant.


Students should expect to be paid an hourly wage.  Hours required per month will involve group meeting with FGEN mentees, and check in sessions with Program Manager.  In addition, more hours will be required in preparation for FGEN-specific events that each Ambassador will lead. 

Time Commitment

The positions are for the full school year from Fall until the end of Spring semester. Hours will include monthly meetings, as well as leadership training(s) and FGEN event programming (approximately 2 per semester). Summer will include helping contact incoming FGEN freshmen students to help recruit and market the two summer events, Summer Launch Pre-Orientation and the parent/student Orientation session. All Ambassadors will be required to participate in ALL FGEN event, and lead a minimum of one session for all FGEN students. 


  • Service to other FGEN students on campus
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Leadership development


  • Contact Matt Daily at
  • Call the Shepard Academic Resource Center at 503.943.7895.