Faces of FGEN: Student Ambassadors | University of Portland

Faces of FGEN: Student Ambassadors

Maybe you're wondering, "Who else is FGEN besides me here at UP?" Learn about some of the FGEN Student Ambassadors here on The Bluff who are among the first in their families to graduate from a four-year college or university.

FGEN Program Coordinators

Cara O'Sullivan

Cara O'Sullivan - Class of 2024

"Coming in as a freshman, lost and confused, was challenging but having a mentor that could help me to navigate this change was so helpful."

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Kieurstyn Camacho

Kieurstyn Camacho - Class of 2024

"Being an FGEN ambassador truly has a high value in my life. Since I met my mentor back in freshmen year I knew I wanted to become one!"

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Kelsey Olivera

Kelsey Olivera - Class of 2024
Biology and Spanish

"Finding the FGEN program my freshman year was like a breath of fresh air because I knew there would be a group of people who could help with things that other students may not need help with."

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FGEN Program Ambassadors

JoAnn Lee

JoAnn Lee - Class of 2025

"My mom worked hard to get me to where I am and I feel like I am going to college not only for myself but for her and the rest of my family. "

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Yamilenia Aguilar Diaz

Yamilenia Aguilar Diaz - Class of 2026

"To be a part of the FGEN community on campus means to be surrounded by incredibly intelligent, supportive, and kind individuals willing to always help you out."

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Hanan Jabr

Hanan Jabr - Class of 2025
Elementary Education

"Lastly to be a FGEN student ambassador personally means that I am proud of being FGEN and wherever I am going I am carrying that with me. It also means to me that I may be a leader to others but also means someone who is still learning while also teaching others. "

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Oscar Brown

Oscar Brown - Class of 2024
Philosophy and Psychology

"In a broader sense, being an ambassador gives me the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in campus life at UP - hopefully impacting first-year students in a way in which they can continue themselves for years to come."

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Rianna Rama

Rianna Rama - Class of 2025
Integrative Health and Wellness

"To be a part of this unity and, specifically, the FGEN community to me means more than words can ever say really."

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Haniel Morquecho Beltran

Haniel Morquecho Beltran - Class of 2025
Elementary Education

"I am honored. I am representing an underrepresented community."

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Gabbie Alexander

Gabbie Alexander - Class of 2025

"It honestly means a lot to me to be a part of the FGEN community. I think it helps to show people, especially young FGEN high school students, that you really can do anything you put your mind to."

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Mia Urias Garcia

Mia Urias Garcia - Class of 2024
Social Work

"Being the first member of my family to attend college was both a challenge and a wonderful experience. I struggled with registration and understanding what graduation requirements were and I felt overwhelmed that I couldn't ask my family for advice like I normally do. "

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