Faces of FGEN: Student Ambassadors

Maybe you're wondering, "Who else is FGEN besides me here at UP?" Learn about some of the FGEN Student Ambassadors here on The Bluff who are among the first in their families to graduate from a four-year college or university.
Andrea Angeles

Andrea Angeles - Class of 2022

"I have become really close to a few of the FGEN community members and staff that have made my UP experience at UP so positive."

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Betelhem Kelfe

Betelhem Kelfe - Class of 2023

"First-gen students at UP who are facing challenges should always keep in mind that there are people all over campus that are willing to help them with what they are facing."

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Brienna Haro

Brienna Haro - Class of 2023
Communication Studies

"I am so grateful for the FGEN community because they were the first ones to truly welcome me into college life."

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Chanson Aki

Chanson Aki - Class of 2021

"I think that the community that this college has developed is going to change the way students view college and it will now make them more involved."

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Devonna Begay

Devonna Begay - Class of 2021
Sociology and Psychology

"To be part of the FGEN community means that I have people that I can relate with and that I have a stronger support system."

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Dulce Sanabria Garcia

Dulce Sanabria Garcia - Class of 2021

"For me, being an FGEN ambassador is a way for me to give back to my community while also rooting myself in a part of my identity I'd like to celebrate rather than resent."

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Elias Taylor

Elias Taylor - Class of 2020
Electrical Engineering

"I feel like we can make UP a more inclusive environment for FGEN students."

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Grace Hunter

Grace Hunter - Class of 2023

"As an FGEN ambassador, I think I will be able to express to fellow FGEN students that you are supported and capable of doing whatever you set your mind to and what you want to do in your life."

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Haley Santa Cruz

Haley Santa Cruz - Class of 2022

"Being a part of this community means a lot to me as I get to be with people who understand."

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Jacquelyn Mangoba

Jacquelyn Mangoba - Class of 2021

"Knowing that there is a huge community that experienced or is experiencing the same struggles and accomplishments is comforting in the fact that I am not alone."

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Jennifer Alvarado

Jennifer Alvarado - Class of 2022
Business and Organizational Communication

"I'm very fortunate to be involved in a community where we're all encouraging one another, learning as we go through our own individual college journey."

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Jonathan Hart

Jonathan Hart - Class of 2022
Organizational Communication

"Rather than seeing first generation as a label I had to live under, I now see it as a community that is supportive and hardworking."

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Kendra Dickey

Kendra Dickey - Class of 2021

"Being part of the FGEN community means having a place that I belong and knowing that I am never alone."

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Kristin Dinh

Kristin Dinh - Class of 2021

"To be a part of the FGEN community provides comfort and an anchor in times that members may struggle."

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Mauricio Paz Cisneros

Mauricio Paz Cisneros - Class of 2022
Biology and Spanish

"It means a lot to me to be an ambassador because I get to be a part of a team that plans events to expand this community and to let new students know that we are here to help them with any questions they have over anything."

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Norman Hilker

Norman Hilker - Class of 2022

"Being an ambassador means that I'm at a stage in this experience where I can start passing torches down to upcoming students. "

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Rosie Ith

Rosie Ith - Class of 2022

"Being a part of FGEN community means that I can celebrate this part of my identity, share the value, being validated, and related to the people who understand what I am going through."

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Sonny Olguin

Sonny Olguin - Class of 2021

"My advice for a first gen student at UP is to never feel ashamed or scared to ask for help."

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Vanessa Juarez Morales

Vanessa Juarez Morales - Class of 2021
Nursing, Spanish minor

"To me, being part of the FGEN community means a sense of belonging and unconditional support."

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