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Tips for Students

Make an Appointment with the Office of Financial Aid to Answer Your Questions

  • Financial aid counselors are available by appointment to assist students with understanding their financial aid award and overall financial aid eligibility. 
  • All students are encouraged to review the Financial Aid website, which is full of resources and valuable information  
  • Highlights of their website include:  
  • Scholarship Links section: students can learn some tips and tricks to applying and find many scholarship opportunities  
  • Student Employment section: students can learn about campus employment as well as find available jobs on the Student Job Board. 

Attend FGEN Events

  • Spring 2023
  • Activities Fair  
  • How to Live Off Campus 
  • Commuter Event with Active Minds & Health and Counseling Center - March 15th
  • Movie Night Collabs:
    • LSUxFGEN - March 24th
    • BSUxFGEN - April 21st
    • FASAxFGEN - April 28th
  • Senior Pinning Ceremony - May 5th

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Get Involved 

Utilize Campus Resources

  • We encourage all students to take advantage of all the programs and services available to assist you! Please visit the “Campus Resources” section of the website for links and more information about campus resources.

Find and Maintain a Balance 

  • During your time at UP you will have a lot on your plate to maintain. This could include, but is not limited to, academics, monetary funds, appropriate diet and sleep, building and sustaining relationships, family obligations etc. Finding balance, organization, and time management will be essential to your success for the upcoming years.

Get Support in Creating a Study Schedule

Ask for the Support of Your Parents/Family

  • Since your parents or guardians did not complete a bachelor’s degree, they may not fully understand what you will be experiencing during your study and the amount of time and effort you will be putting into your academics. It may be helpful to share your daily activities with them and let them know how to best support you. 

Stay on Top of Important Deadlines and Events