Campus Resources

Your college experience depends on how you use the resources around you. We want to support you as you create the most positive experience possible at University of Portland; actively seeking out the services these resources have to offer will assist you academically, socially, and spiritually.

Administrative Resources

Whether you are new this year or returning, the offices in this section are places you need to be familiar with to pay your bills, find housing, and to stay safe and healthy.

Financial Aid 

The Office of Financial Aid provides information about cost of attendance, types of aid, applying for aid, scholarships, etc. Please visit the Office of Financial Aid’s website or call and make an appointment with a counselor 503.943.7311.

  • FAFSA must be filed every year and should be completed by January 31 at the latest to be eligible for the most grants. Talk to your parents over winter break to get the needed financial information to file taxes. The Office of Financial Aid's FAQ General section provides helpful information about completing FAFSA.
  • Make sure you are familiar with all of the information in the FAQs about Loans on the Office of Financial Aid's website.

Health and Counseling Center

The Health and Counseling Center provides health care, mental health counseling, after hours advice nursing, spiritual health, substance abuse prevention, and wellness promotion as well as resources for anyone impacted by assault and/or harassment.

  • You don’t have to have the University’s health insurance to use the Health and Counseling Center.
  • Services provided through the Health and Counseling Center are offered either for free or at minimal cost, regardless of insurance status. Visits with all Health and Counseling Center providers are free. Medications, injections, medical supplies, and diagnostic or laboratory studies are supplied for a nominal fee.

Campus Safety

  • The Department of Campus Safety is commonly referred to as C-Safe.
  • C-Safe is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 503.943.7161.
  • You can get discounted Trimet passes at PSafe; check out the transportation information for information about Trimet, parking passes, and more.
  • If you are nervous about walking to your car or somewhere else on campus, phone the Department of Campus Safety for an escort 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The Office of the Registrar maintains all permanent academic records, provides course schedules, provides registration information, provides student schedules, processes transcript requests, provides enrollment certification/verification, processes graduation applications and distributes diplomas.

  • The Office of the Registrar manages the academic calendar. This calendar has important deadlines about when you can drop classes, finals, breaks, and more.
  • Some job applications and most scholarships will require a copy of your University transcript. You request official transcripts from the Office of the Registrar via Self-Serve and need to plan for 2-3 days for the transcript to be processed and then mailing time. There is a fee for “rush” transcripts.

Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life supports students during their living experiences on campus. The Office of Residence Life aims to create supportive living and learning environments for students throughout the year while also establishing strong community among students.

  • Housing applications are available online for new students and returning students.
  • You can change your meal plan through the Office of Residence Life each semester, but only before the second Friday of fall semester and the first Friday of spring semester. 

Student Accounts

Think your University account was billed more than it should have been? Certain your student loans should have been applied to your account, but have a hold because you owe money? The Office of Student Accounts bills students, collects and deposits payments, and posts payments to each student's account in compliance with University policy and all federal and state regulations.

  • If your parents help you pay for college and they want to ask a question about your account, you need to sign an information release.
  • If you have a question about money, start with visiting the Office of Student Accounts.
  • Sign up for direct deposit to have any refund checks automatically deposited in your bank account.

Student Employment

Are you looking to study and work on campus

  • Each year, the federal government provides funding for employment programs in order to enable students with demonstrated financial need to work while they go to college; this aid is called Federal Work Study.
  • Jobs are posted on the Student Employment Job Board throughout the year, but jobs for upcoming fall semester are not posted until August 15 each year. Don’t wait until you arrive on campus to apply. 
  • To work on campus, you will need to show proof your eligibility to work in the U.S.  

Academic Resources

Resources in this section are here to help support you and push you towards further success in your academic career.

Academic Advising

Academic advisors provide students with academic counseling, support, and resources to guide students through their degree program at UP. 

  • If you are not sure that the major you have selected is right for you, talk to Career Center or the Shepard Academic Resource Center (SARC).
  • If you are considering adding a major or minor, Career Center, SARC, or your program counselor can help you.

Career Center

The Career Center provides resources, strategies, and opportunities to assist UP students and alumni in identifying skills, interests, and values to discover meaningful professional experiences. The Career Center supports students in all aspects of career development, including networking opportunities, pursuing internships, developing and strengthening resumes, interviewing, and the job search process. 

Clark Library

Clark Library provides students with study spaces, including group study rooms, and research assistance. There is also a self-service Digital Lab for multimedia projects, including digital equipment available for checkout. It’s also a gateway to an array of information resources including books, eBooks, journals, newspapers, DVDs, CDs, and streaming media. Online resources can be accessed whether you are on campus or off campus.

Finally, If you can’t afford to buy one of your books, there may be a copy on reserve at Clark Library. These reserve books are available for four-hour checkout, please see the library catalog or the Service Desk to locate a copy.

Learning Commons

The Learning Commons (LC) provides peer learning assistance in writing, math, foreign languages, speech, and group process. In addition, Br. Thomas Giumenta offers learning assistance for students seeking new strategies to improve learning and study skills.

  • If you are looking for a tutor, start at the LC.

Shepard Academic Resource Center

The Shepard Academic Resource Center (SARC) is a "one-stop" place for students to come for support, counsel, and assistance of all sorts. The SARC provides students with discipline specific tutoring through the Learning Commons, counseling, assistance in exploring interests, and support for those who are having a difficult time adjusting to college life. The SARC also provides resources for parents - to assist them in helping their child have a successful first year of college.

  • You don’t have to be a freshman to use the SARC. It is an resource center for all students.

Studies Abroad

Studies abroad offers opportunities for students to explore other countries and immerse themselves in new cultures and experiences. There are programs available for a semester, summer and year. Take note that there are also scholarships available for this program that you might be eligible to apply for.

  • The deadline to apply for next summer and academic year is the first Wednesday in October.
  • The two main ways to disqualify yourself from being accepted to study abroad are to get mediocre grades or get in trouble. If you make a choice that violates the community standards, be proactive and talk to the director of studies abroad as soon as possible.

Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement 

The Office of Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement advises students on internal and external programs that enhance their academic experience at UP and prepares them for graduate-level opportunities. The office oversees Founders' Day, fellowships and grants identification and applications, and undergraduate research.

  • If you need help revising an essay for a scholarship, email and make an appointment.
  • If you think you might be interested in graduate school, come talk to someone about getting undergraduate research experience.

Service & Leadership Resources

This section provides you with resources for participating in service learning projects, leadership roles, and other recreational activities.

Campus Ministry

  • Campus Ministry respects and seeks to nurture the faith development of all who seek God with a sincere heart.

Franz Center for Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation

The Franz Center supports students in the development of leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation skills, knowledge and mindsets. 

Moreau Center for Service & Justice

The Moreau Center for Service & Justice provides students with direct service opportunities, leadership development, reflection and social analysis. Visit the Moreau Center for Service & Justice website for more information on how to get involved.

  • The Moreau Center for Service & Justice has both international and local service-learning experiences. 
  • Talk to someone in the Moreau Center for Service & Justice to learn about post-graduation service opportunities.

Diversity & Inclusion Programs

Diversity & Inclusion Programs creates various programs and events throughout the year to educate and celebrate around topics of diversity and cultural difference at University of Portland. Multicultural Programs provides support to first-year multicultural students through the Ohana Pre-orientation Program and UP Connections Peer-Mentorship Program.

Recreational Services

Recreational Services provides students with fitness opportunities so that they can maintain a balance of health and academics in their lives. Check out the classes and other fitness options Recreational Services has to offer, as well as the Outdoor Pursuits Program.