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Faces of FGEN: Alumni

Are you a UP graduate and also a first generation college student? Make sure you connect with the University of Portland Alumni Relations office and update your information!

We greatly value the continued participation of UP FGEN alumni with current UP students, and we welcome you at our various events.

In addition, we also welcome alumni to engage with students on a more individual level through informational interviewing or mentoring. If you are interested in engaging with our current students, please contact Matt Daily at firstgen@up.edu or 503.943.7895.

Sammy Lopez

Sammy Lopez - Woodburn, Oregon - Class of 2016

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Gat Bol

Gat Bol - Burien, Washington - Class of 2017
Marketing, Education Minor

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Rique Ortega

Rique Ortega - Woodland, California - Class of 2017
Mechanical Engineering

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Alexys Bermudez

Alexys Bermudez - Waimea, Hawaii - Class of 2018

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Michelle Lau

Michelle Lau - Honolulu, Hawaii - Class of 2018
Computer Science

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