Father Art Wheeler, CSC

Father Art WheelerCurrent Position: Associate Professor, History; Pastoral Resident, Mehling Hall

Alma Mater: Georgetown University

Major/Undergraduate field of study: Foreign Studies

You have been here on the Bluff for 30 years.  What has been your own experience with first generation students here at UP?

My parents were not able to go to college, but they worked hard to provide that opportunity to all six of their children.  During my thirty years at the University of Portland, I have taught and lived with many first generation students, many of whom qualified for scholarships, fellowships, admission to graduate and professional schools, internships, studies abroad programs and many other opportunities.  The University of Portland offers much support for all students to set and achieve their goals.  The size of our University, the religious mission of our institution, the accessibility of our faculty and staff, and relatively high number of students from diverse backgrounds all help make the University of Portland a particularly positive setting for first-generation students.  Having had many advising discussions and having written many letters of recommendation for such students, I know from personal experience that we have had many outstanding success stories.

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