Special Circumstance Appeal

students studying abroadWe recognize that the FAFSA may not always accurately reflect your financial situation. Although considerations for specific situations are limited, we may be able to give additional consideration for certain situations as described below.

Special Circumstance Appeals will be considered after you receive your initial award notification for the current aid year. After reviewing your verified special circumstance documentation, your aid package may remain the same, be increased, or reduced according to the financial information that has been submitted. Submitting a special circumstance request does not guarantee an adjustment will be made to your aid package.

Decisions are final and will be communicated directly to the student. For more information, contact the Office of Financial Aid to see if your situation can be considered. If approved, any additional funding awarded is only available for the academic school year for which the special circumstance is approved. Special circumstances must be reviewed annually. Please do not submit documents unless instructed by our office.

Examples of Special Circumstances Considered

  • Loss or reduction of income (layoff, illness, forced reduction of hours, temporary employment, etc.)
  • Catastrophic medical or dental expenses
  • Death, divorce, or separation of parents or spouse
  • Non-recurring payments receiving during the FAFSA tax year that will not be repeated
  • Loss of benefits, such as unemployment, disability, social security, veterans, child support, or alimony
  • Private elementary and secondary tuition for siblings, not including the UP applicant

Examples of Special Circumstances NOT Considered

  • Increase of standard living expenses
  • Purchasing material items such as a car, home appliances, vacations, second homes, etc.
  • Reduction of assets. Changes in assets will be reflected on the following year's FAFSA.
  • Credit issues, line of credit changes, previous student loan debt, etc.
  • Medical bills paid by health insurance or that will be reimbursed by health care coverage.
  • Siblings or parents who are also attending college. Siblings are already taken into account on the FAFSA. Students cannot list their parents in the number in college.

The Special Circumstance Appeal form is available by request only. If you feel you have a special circumstance, contact the Office of Financial Aid for further guidance. The deadline to submit a complete request for Special Circumstance consideration is March 1 of the applicable aid year.