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Summer Aid

nursing studentTo receive most forms of aid during the summer semester, you must be an admitted and matriculated student at the University of Portland

For financial aid purposes, summer is considered the first term of the academic year for students who attend. To be considered for financial aid in the summer, you must:

  • Be an admitted, matriculated student at the University of Portland;
  • File a FAFSA; and
  • Be registered for the summer term.

In general, half-time enrollment (6 credits for undergraduate; 5 credits for graduate) is required for most types of financial aid. However, some federal grants may be available to eligible students enrolled less than half time.

Loans are the primary source of financial assistance available during the summer semester. Most institutional grants and scholarships are not awarded for the summer semester.

Financial aid will be locked at the enrollment level (full time, ¾ time, ½ time, or < ½ time) for which a student is registered on 4th day of the first 6-week session for undergraduate students and the 4th day of the second 6-week session for graduate students. Before changing your enrollment after these dates, you should contact the Office of Financial Aid to determine how the enrollment change will affect your financial aid eligibility.