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Scholarships and Grants

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Institutional Scholarships

The University of Portland has several merit scholarships awarded to domestic and international undergraduate students seeking a first bachelor’s degree based on academic ability.

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Institutional Grants

The University may award a University of Portland Grant to undergraduate students seeking a first bachelor’s degree. Funding is limited and is awarded based on financial need. Students must complete a FAFSA to be considered for a University of Portland Grant.

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Federal + State Grants

Federal and state grants are available to students who complete a FAFSA and otherwise meet the eligibility requirements for the grants. If a student is eligible to receive federal or state grants the Office of Financial Aid will include those grants on a student's financial aid offer letter.

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Outside Scholarships

Outside scholarships come from a wide variety of sources. High schools, local clubs, national organizations, foundations, and many others have private scholarships that students should always be on the look out for. Check out the University of Portland's outside scholarship resources and tips for help finding outside scholarships.

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