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Other Aid

seven students in ROTC uniforms

Air Force + Army ROTC

The University of Portland provides special financial assistance to students participating in the Air Force and Army ROTC Programs.


student holding sign saying hire me

Student Employment

Students have the opportunity to work on campus and earn money through the Federal Work-Study or institutional work-study programs.


six students stand with their backs to the camera looking over a bridge

Study Abroad

University of Portland students have the opportunity to study abroad in a variety of places around the world. Financial aid is available for most study abroad programs. 


a student sits on a bench reading a book in the sunshine

Summer Aid

Financial aid is available for students enrolled in the summer semester. 


two students in ROTC uniforms stand beside the Praying Hands memorial wall

Veterans Benefits

The University of Portland accepts veteran’s benefits for which we are qualified. We also participate in the Yellow Ribbon program.




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