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Direct Subsidized + Unsubsidized Loans

Direct Student Loans are loans available to undergraduate and graduate students with the US Department of Education acting as the lender.


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Direct Parent PLUS Loan

Direct Parent PLUS Loans are loans available to parents of undergraduate students. The US Department of Education serves as lender.


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Direct Graduate PLUS Loan

The Direct Graduate PLUS Loan is a non-need-based loan with the US Department of Education serving as lender.


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Nursing Loan

The Nursing Loan is a need-based loan with the University of Portland acting as the lender.



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Eagin + Doucette Loans

The Eagin and Doucette Loans are university-based loan programs with UP acting as the lender. 



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Private + Alternative Loans

Private Education Loans, also known as Alternative Education Loans, help bridge the gap between the actual cost of your education and Federal loan limits.



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