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Global Perspectives on Leadership: South Africa 2019

Global-Perspectives-1-South AfricaThe Global Perspectives on Leadership course was designed in response to ever increasing globalization, concerns regarding severe global disparity, and awareness of the need to educate our students about their responsibilities as global citizens. The Global Perspectives on Leadership course seeks to engage the University of Portland’s central tenets of teaching and learning, faith and formation, and service and leadership in multiple locations throughout the globe by encouraging critical consciousness through the engagement of students, educators, clergy, and community members with key areas of concern. We work within the framework in which university students are involved observers, socially engaged learners, and intercultural competent servant leaders who gain an understanding of fundamental human equality and help create lines of solidarity across geographic, economic, and cultural borders with concern for the common good. Fundamental to our purpose is the concept of multilateral reciprocity: all who are involved benefit mutually from the process and results of international service-learning. The Global Perspectives on Leadership course fosters these connections. The course is a direct extension of the Holy Cross mission that inculcates the virtue of zeal that emanates from a love for God, neighbor, and outreach in serving others, especially serving and standing in solidarity with the poor and marginalized throughout the globe.
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The Global Perspectives Course is a collaboration of the Franz Center, Studies Abroad, and Carpe Diem Education.

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