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Learning Commons Successes

The above comments were provided by UP students in after-visit surveys they submitted after working with a Co-Pilot in the Fall 2023 semester. The students gave permission to post these comments on the Learning Commons website.


What are students saying about their visits with Co-Pilots?*

98% felt that they better understood course content or assignments

98% felt more confident after meeting with a Co-Pilot

99% found Co-Pilots' feedback to be clear and easy to understand

97% would return to the Learning Commons for tutoring services or would recommend Learning Commons tutoring services to someone else


Who is using tutoring services and for which courses?

Co-Pilots helped 652 students in 2,227 tutoring visits for the Fall 2023 semester.

Co-Pilots tutored students from 43 different majors in Fall 2023.

Co-Pilots tutored students in 111 different courses in Fall 2023.


Top Courses for Co-Pilot Visits in Fall 2023:

  • NRS 325: Pathophys & Pharmacology I
  • MTH 201: Calculus I
  • CHM 325: Organic Chemistry I
  • ENG 112: Thinking Through Literature
  • MTH 161: Elementary Statistics
  • MTH 202: Calculus II
  • NRS 104: Nrsng Profess. & Pract
  • MTH 301: Vector Calculus
  • THE 205: Biblical Texts
  • CHM 207: General Chemistry I


*Information based on Fall 2023 after-visit surveys