UP civil engineering professor, associate dean Mark Kennedy receives Oregon Engineer of the Year Award from American Society of Civil Engineers


Awards and Rankings

September 3, 2015

Mark Kennedy, University of Portland civil engineering professor and associate dean for the Shiley School of Engineering, has received the 2014-2015 Oregon Engineer of the Year Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE). Kennedy, who has served as the UP faculty advisor for ASCE, will be honored at a dinner held in Portland on September 17.

Kennedy was nominated and approved by unanimous vote from the ASCE board. According to ASCE Oregon president Jason Magalen, those awarded best exemplified dedication to profession, public service and continuing education.

During his 19-year tenure at the University, Kennedy has created more opportunities for Shiley School of Engineering students to work and study abroad. With the help of UP’s Study Abroad Office, engineering students have numerous opportunities to study abroad in places such as Salzburg, Austria.

Kennedy has worked with students on major research projects both in the Shiley Hall labs and in the field. Kennedy has worked and traveled internationally with students to help provide people access to clean water.

In honor of his dedication to the University’s mission of service and leadership, Kennedy was honored with the James Culligan Award, the University’s highest faculty honor, in 2012.


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