University of Portland opens Howard Hall as temporary shelter for fire victims

Public Safety

January 6, 2017

University of Portland has opened Howard Hall as a temporary shelter for 51 of the 64 people displaced by the January 4 SW Alder apartment fire. 

The shelter opens January 6 and will remain open until January 13. 

The University worked with the American Red Cross and Central City Concern and other community partners to provide a safe location for residents until the SW Alder apartments are reopened.

"As part of our mission, the University of Portland is dedicated to service and we are pleased to be able to provide assistance to members of our community in need," said Jim Ravelli, vice president for University operations. 

Central City Concern is accepting donations of cash as well as emergency clothing and other items for its displaced tenants. A full list is available at  Donated items may be brought to Central City Concern's administrative office at 232 NW Sixth Avenue.

For more information about the shelter at University of Portland, contact Jeff Rook, 503.943.7161 or


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