Proxy Instructions for Students

Students may grant authorization to individuals, known as a “proxy”, through Self Serve (SSB) to access certain information online or to speak with specific departments. After the student establishes a proxy account, the proxy user will receive email instructions on how to access Self Serve for Proxy Access. The email address of the proxy is needed to establish this account and will be used as their username.  Therefore, a unique email address is required for each proxy you grant access. Please carefully read the instructions below. All three sections must be completed for the proxy to access your information.

Step 1: Establish Proxy Access

  • Log into Self Serve ( using your University of Portland username and password
  • Select the Proxy Access tab or Main Menu Proxy Access option
  • Select Proxy Management from the Proxy Access menu
  • Select Add Proxy
  • Enter the required information including a valid email address for the proxy. This is not your email address. This email address is the proxy’s account name and where account management information will be sent. You cannot use the same email address for two proxy individuals. 
  • If you are entering a Comcast email - please note that users with a Comcast email have been experiencing difficulties using the Proxy system. While we are working on a larger solution, in the meantime we highly recommend that you use an email address from an email provider other than Comcast.
  • Confirm your intent to add this person by selecting Add Proxy again
  • An email has now been sent inviting your proxy to establish their account. A copy of this email was also sent to your university email account.

Step 2: Complete the Proxy Profile

  • Select the link with your proxy’s name.
  • Complete the following fields under the Profile tab:
    1. Relationship – determines the list of pages made available for the student to authorize for proxy view (in step 3)
    2. Description – a personal note describing this proxy (dad, mom, spouse, etc.)
    3. Passphrase – word(s) the proxy must know to enable university personnel to confirm the identity of the proxy for verbal conversations
    4. Start Date – permits you to determine the date of activation for the proxy access account
    5. Stop Date – will default to five years from the start date but can be updated at any time to end the proxy access
  • After you establish a Passphrase for the proxy, select E-Mail Passphrase to send an email notifying your proxy of the passphrase.

Step 3: Authorize the type of information for Proxy view

  • Select the Authorization tab.
  • Select the categories of information to be shared with your proxy. You have the ability to change authorizations at any time by checking or unchecking categories. Changes are immediate.

If you would like to create additional proxy accounts, select the Add Proxy button near the bottom of the page and repeat the steps listed above.

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