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students in Salzburg

In an increasingly global world, knowledge and experience navigating international interactions are becoming more and more essential to the well-rounded individuals that UP sees in its graduates. We invite all students to take on the challenge of living abroad, to expand their worldview and broaden their understanding of the world. If your student is considering studying abroad, he or she has already made an important step on that journey, and your support and guidance will be invaluable. Consider these benefits of studying abroad

  • Several studies show that the best way to improve proficiency in a second language is by studying in an environment where you have to use it.
  • Living abroad helps students develop a clearer sense of self, as well as confidence, maturity, and self-worth by navigating the challenges of living in a new environment.
  • Today's employers are increasingly mindful of the need for employees who have international experience since world markets and business are fully global endeavors.
  •  International educational experiences in other countries bring people of different groups together to build amity and mutual understanding.

The support that parents & families provide to our students throughout their time at UP is invaluable, and this is especially true when students are studying abroad. As we recognize that parents & families are also a part of the study abroad experience, please utilize the following resources for more information. 


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