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Our Events

For the most up-to-date event schedule, follow our Instagram page @wellnesscenterUP.

Health Huts

The Wellness Center aims to provide regular opportunities for students to stop and reflect on their current state of well-being. Additionally, we aim to provide education and tools to support their wellness. We do this by meeting students where they are at. We set up around campus and collaborate with various clubs to engage with a different topic each week. We work with clubs to share about a different dimension of wellness as it pertains to their specific area and interest. Last year, we collaborated with the Body Positivity Club during National Eating Disorder Awareness Week.

Wellness Workshops

We are fortunate to have so many staff and faculty that are passionate about wellness at the University of Portland. We collaborate with staff and faculty to share about their areas of interest expertise and expertise. Examples of past collaborations have included a sleep workshop with neuroscience professor Dr. Jacquie Van Hoommisseen, a guided forest therapy walk with the Director of Integrative Health and Wellness, Dr. Andrew LaFrenz, and a mindfulness workshop with Professor Corey Pressman.

Wellness Wagon

During times of stress, such as finals week or midterms, you can find us taking the Wellness Wagon for a spin around campus. We hand out reminders and stress reduction tips, and of course, our favorite comfort foods. Do-nut stress! 

Alcohol Education

We want all Pilots to be safe and healthy! While binge drinking is not as widespread as we sometimes think, some students will choose to try alcohol for the first time. We provide education, resources, and tips to reduce harm to themselves and others.

Wellness Day

One of our largest events of the year. We love kicking things off at our Wellness Fair and ending the year with a bang at our Wellness Day. Wellness Days are a fun way to explore the 8 Dimensions of Wellness and take a moment to destress before heading into times like Finals Week. We collaborate closely with the Office of Student Activities and other student-led clubs, campus organizations, and community partners to bring booths, activities, and education focused on wellness to the center of campus.

Wellness @ Pilots After Dark

Pilots After Dark collaborates with various campus organizations to offer weekend night programming for all students. Last year, we worked with Pilots After Dark to host a Spa Night and bring some calm and relaxation to students before heading into Finals Week.