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8 Dimensions of Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Awareness and understanding of one’s thoughts and feelings, and the ability to cope effectively with a wide range of emotions.

Support for Emotional Wellness at UP:

Physical Wellness

Recognizing the need for care and balance of one’s health, including physical activity, balanced nutrition, adequate sleep, prevention of illness or injury & management of chronic health conditions.

Support for Physical Wellness at UP:

Spiritual Wellness

Exploration of faith, morals, values and beliefs through discussion and reflection to provide sense of purpose and meaning to life.

Support for Spiritual Wellness at UP:

Intellectual Wellness

Exploration and fostering of creative abilities, critical thinking, and the pursuit of knowledge.

Support for Intellectual Wellness at UP:

Occupational Wellness

Finding personal satisfaction and enrichment in work that is consistent with one’s values and goals.

Support for Occupational Wellness at UP:

Financial Wellness

Understanding and satisfaction in management of finances, making budgets and tracking expenses to achieve financial goals.

Support for Financial Wellness at UP:

Social Wellness

Forming healthy relationships that provide a sense of connection, belonging, trust and well-developed support system.

Support for Social Wellness at UP:

Environmental Wellness

Understanding the interaction between nature and the individual, and recognizing one’s responsibility to preserve, protect and improve the environment.

Support for Environmental Wellness at UP: