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Bell Tower

bell tower through cherry blossomsThe practice of our faith is not exclusive to specific sacred places on campus but instead permeates all that we do, entering into our studies and research as well as our service and community-building.

The bell tower serves as a daily reminder that our faith rings in our lives throughout the day. Fittingly, it sits at one of the busiest crossroads on campus where paths to classrooms, residence halls, and the Commons all intersect.

The Bells

Each bell rings a particular note when struck and was consecrated with the name of a saint.

  • Blessed Rev. Basil Moreau, C.S.C.   (1408 lbs.)   Rings note of G - Gift of Karl Smith
  • St. Andre Bessette, C.S.C.   (990 lbs.)   Rings note of A - Gift of Darlene Shiley
  • St. Catherine of Siena   (704 lbs.)   Rings note of  B - Gift of Bill Taylor
  • St. Anthony of Padua   (579 lbs.)   Rings note of C - Gift of Earle M. Chiles
  • St. Francis Xavier Cabrini   (484 lbs.)   Rings note of C# - Gift of Patricia Johnson
  • Blessed Junipero Serra   (413 lbs.)   Rings note of D - Gift of Manuel Macias
  • St. Martin de Porres   (301 lbs.)   Rings note of E - Gift of Dan and Julia Danielson
  • St. Albert the Great   (258 lbs.)   Rings note of F - Gift of Albert and Sue Corrado
  • St. Ann   (222 lbs.)   Rings note of  F# - Gift of George Galati
  • St. Rita   (192 lbs.)   Rings note of  G - Gift of Tom and Margie Romano
  • St. Clotilde   (145 lbs.)   Rings note of A - Gift of Kathleen Kendall Johnston
  • St. Joseph   (111 lbs.)   Rings note of B - Gift of the Machuca and Echevarria Families
  • St. Cecilia   (98 lbs.)   Rings note of C - Gift of Andy and Nancy Bryant
  • St Paul   (77 lbs.)   Rings note of D - Gift of Carol Herman

The bells call us to respond to God’s constant presence through prayer. One way of cultivating this attentiveness is the Angelus prayer, a long-standing tradition that calls to mind God’s presence in the Incarnation. The Angelus bells ring at noon and at 6:00 p.m., inviting all to pause what they are doing and pray with the entire Body of Christ.

How to pray the Angelus