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Marriage Preparation

New couple kiss in front of chapel doors

Congratulations on your engagement to be married!

Questions are swirling about people and places. There is much to do. As you enter into the planning, it is helpful to consider the sacrament into which you are entering.

The Sacrament of Marriage is a beautiful outpouring of God’s grace in the context of a woman and a man committing their lives to one another. In this union, sealed by God’s grace, wife and husband become for one another, and for the world, images of God’s faithful, fruitful, free and total gift of love for the salvation of the world. 

At the University of Portland, we have the opportunity to accompany many couples as they prepare for, celebrate and live out this sacrament. In particular, we are able to host Catholic weddings in the Chapel of Christ the Teacher for students, faculty, staff and alumni. Campus Ministry is also able to assist current students in their preparations for matrimony.

If you are interested in celebrating your wedding in the Chapel of Christ the Teacher, the first step is to contact Campus Ministry by phone at 503.943.7131 or by email at You can also reach out directly to our wedding coordinator, Linda Mechling, at her UP email address:

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The following resources offer guidance to couples preparing for marriage: